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Michigan Metal Underground Sampler Vol. 4 Out Now!

Pestilent Age is proud to announce that Michigan Metal Underground has decided to include us in their annual sampler release. Alongside 6 other singles from 6 local bands is our single "Chemicals of Annihilation ". Some of Michigan's finest metal acts Absorbed, After the Minor, Iron Belly, Drink Their Blood, Abstract Aura, Forces, and of course Pestilent Age. We would like to take the time to give each of these bands a shout out, along with a little description, and some links to their music and or a social media page.

Directly below is a link to the band camp page for Michigan Metal Underground's 4th Annual Sampler.

After the Minor

Everyone in Pestilent Age has known about After the Minor for some time now. This band has been around the block and those years of experience have culminated in both their studio work and live performance. Always writing music in the direction of deathcore/metalcore After the Minor has since moved a little more towards the progressive side. This Flint band pumps out groove laden chugs that dominate their music, while the lead guitar and keyboard adds a thick layer of melody.

Drink Their Blood

Hailing from Kalamazoo Drink Their Blood sounds like a mixture of Pantera-ish power groove and old school grind core. Changing gears between classically powerful metal and sporadic overtone filled nastiness.


Absorbed is another Flint based band that Pestilent Age has had the pleasure to share the stage with many times over these past two years. The simply rip. Deathcore to the tune of a Black Dahlia Murder or Nekrogoblicon these guys shred the scene. All 5 members are stand out guys too. Always willing to party with their fans Absorbed's stage presence showcases what these guys are best at.... having fun. Raspy highs and pedaled riffage spews from this rowdy bunch.

Iron Belly

You can find Iron Belly hanging around the Detroit, Ypsilanti, and Ann Arbor scene. Their music will take you back to the early 2000's. Machine Head, Coal Chamber, Max Cavalera, and Fear Factory influences merge together forming a wall of sound you can jump to.


These guys SHRED!!!! The technicality of this band matches or surpasses most big name bands around. Nonstop aggression pushes the listener through violence infused blood curdling mayhem with a constant down beat so hard your head will bang itself. With a high speed, balls to the wall, show no mercy attitude this gem had become one of our own local treasures.

Abstract Aura

Abstract Aura rides the line between deathcore and metalcore. To be honest the recording quality of their music doesn't really live up to expectations. It's hard to tell what's going on.

Pestilent Age

You're on our page right now. We have tons of music in our other blogs. Over the past two years we've experimented with multiple musical themes. Old school death metal, thrash metal, and melodic death metal influence the majority of our sound. Our music is filled with hard hitting riffs, extensive solos, extreme drumming, grinding bass, and guttural vocals.

Give these bands a listen. They’ve worked hard and this CD has a little something for everyone.

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