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New EP "Unwavering Futility" out January 7th 2021

Pestilent Age is excited to finally be able to announce that we're dropping a brand new EP entitled Unwavering Futility Thursday January 7th of 2021! It features 3 brand new songs and the physical CD will also contain 8 singles we've previously released via digital media but have yet to make it on a physical platform. While all 11 tracks on the physical release have been engineered, produced, and mixed by Lee Roach, the 3 new songs featured on Unwavering Futility were mastered by none other than Josh Schroeder. Josh has worked with some big names in the business like Lorna Shore, Battlecross, King810, and Numenorean, to name a just a few and he has really given our music that extra beef it needed to really push air through your speakers. We hope all of this hard work experimenting on these new songs and on a new sound will yield our best release to date. We certainly think so and as January 7th approaches we hope the release of these 3 new songs Force Fed Their Truth, Transgressions, and Unwavering Futility will capture the attention of a broader audience hell bent for brutality.

Our new EP will be accompanied by a pro-quality music video we were fortunate enough to be able to shoot with Abstract Eclipse Productions. The track "Transgressions" will be the first music video released for this EP and we couldn't be happier with quality or the crew we were blessed to collaborate with. We've also made a slight change to our stage appearance as you will see from the our album art and photos from the video shoot. All 4 of us are going to be wearing corpse paint to fill out our theatrical appearances and accent our musical direction.

Within the next week or so we'll have preorders available for our new EP Unwavering Futility. A brand new t-shirt design is coming too featuring the EP cover art. Preorder package featuring discounted prices for t-shirt and signed CD combos will be available as well. Once the U.S. is able to open up again and we can safely play shows we will be back on the road. Until then stay safe and stay brutal!

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