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Back in the Studio Already

With the Novgorod E.P. released just 2 months ago we are already back in the studio. This time to record some singles. With the world in dismay we truly do live in a “Pestilent Age”. With tensions over possible war with North Korea, our existing military struggles in the Middle East, a dividing political polarity in both Europe and the U.S., religion slowing down social progress and speeding up global warming, over population destroying our natural resources, political decisions based on corporate profit, and the lack interest our general population has to read from reliable sources of information instead of conspiracy theory sites and biased fringe news sources it is important to us capture all the negativity in this world we live in today.

One of the reasons we are drawn to metal is its ability to speak about subjects other genres of music refuse to talk about. Pop, hip-hop, country, new age rock and other conventional radio friendly artists will not write about music with deep meaning. Song after song after song and none of it brings forth an expression of artistic individuality. Songs about love, sex, drugs, and partying play over the radio on constant loop, nothing more than background noise to your day. Sure metal can have those songs but within this genre lays a freedom to say whatever you want and this above all else is why we fell in love with it.

From song to song Medieval Holocaust varied in topics. We touched on issues specifically pertaining to today with songs like Corporate Slavery and Godless but most of our fictional topics were based the genesis of problems that over the course of hundreds, or thousands of years still persist. The rest were based on non-fiction horror or historic serial killers. Our Latest E.P. Novgorod covers the history of the Rus’ and their journey undertaken while forging a nation for themselves. Novgorod, while historic in nature, does touch on problems every single nation past or present has encountered. Scarce resources forcing conflict, modernization, foreign diplomacy, and trade between nations at war with one another, these are all problems found at the heart of every society. We can find inspiration and a sense of foresight from looking into the past. This time however we’ll be talking about what’s going on now.

A song unfortunately can’t grasp all of the details of involved in complicated matters such as war, politics, pollution, and greed but we do hope a conversational spark may be lit and hope these topics inspire people to look into each of these important absolutely vital world affairs and form your own opinion. If you don’t agree with us that’s totally fine if you do that’s fine as well, but every single person standing on this rock floating through space has a responsibility to better understand the world around us. We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to each other, and we owe it to our future.

With that said Pestilent Age is looking forward to bringing you even more music in 2017. We are truly passionate about what we do and hope the 3 of us can come together once again and make music our fans will enjoy.

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