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Thank You So Much For Our First Year!

April 1st 2016 was the first time we released our music into the world. In that time frame a lot has happened. We’ve lost a guitar player, had to learn how to run a business, had to change our name from Pestilent to Pestilent Age, had to re print all of our merch, all on top of learning to bond on stage together. This isn’t about the overwhelming adversity we have encountered however, this is about family. Thank you to every single person who has supported us this past year. The fans, the bands, the booking agents, the bar owners, and our girlfriends that put up with the huge amount of time we spend practicing our craft. Seeing this enormous amount of progress we’ve made this past year has been amazing, but meeting all of the friendly people among the music scene has been even better.

Gratitude in its highest form would still not be able to express how much you the fans mean to us. We look forward to earning more of you throughout the many years we plan to continue with this. Determination and hard work drive Pestilent Age and with each passing day we hope to become more deserving of your respect. Whatever the future holds we know it will be more enjoyable with the company of so many great people. It can never be said enough. Thank You

We’ve been hard at work making sure that this next year we can offer you better live experiences than ever before. Roach has been working tirelessly on his right hand technique, making sure he can push his guitar tone to the front of any live mix. His voice is getting stronger, louder, and more consistent with the hours and hours of practice he puts in. Spud has been putting in more hours than ever in order to push towards greatness. His bass playing has improved tremendously. It’s hard to fathom the amount of time he’s poured into learning his instrument. Steve has picked up his endurance and ability to play to a click track. His drumming has gotten faster and more intricate. With all these improvements we’ve still only reached the tip of the iceberg.

4 songs have already been written for our next recording and we are hard at work learning covers from some of death metal’s finest acts. We plan to expand our level of inspiration, taking in all the lessons our forefathers of this genre can teach us. Music theory has in the past and still is our main driving force behind our music, as this aspect of our playing increases so will our musical abilities. Pestilent Age is absolutely thrilled with what the future holds for us. Our music is not just a hobby but a way for us to express all the negativity we are constantly surrounded by in a positive and healthy manor. We love you all and hope to see you at a show, on the street, or in our home for our 2nd year.

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