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New E.P. Novgorod to be released March 4th free pre orders available. New single up now.

Pestilent Age is pleased to announce that on March 4th of 2017 we will be releasing a brand new E.P. entitled Novgorod. This E.P. tells the story of the mighty Viking Rus’ who founded Novgorod in what is now modern day Russia and Ukraine before setting out to rape and pillage Eastern Europe. Pre orders are available now for just $5 or get a pre order package deal for just $15 which will include our new E.P. Novgorod, our first album Medieval Holocaust, a Medieval Holocaust T-shirt, a band sticker, and a signature guitar pick. Pre orders will be sent by mail 1 week before the official album release. You can download our first single off of Novgorod right on our website for free.

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