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Brand New Pestilent Age E.P. Release February of 2017

Pestilent Age is pleased to announce that we are in the process of recording a brand new 5 song E.P. for our fans entitled Novgorod. This E.P. tells the true story of the Rus (a Viking people) as they forge a new kingdom named Novgorod in what is now Modern day Russia and Ukraine. All 5 songs were written alongside the tracks heard on our debut album Medieval Holocaust but offer a different vibe resulting in a separate release. Packed with melody, stronger song structure, and an epic feel this release demonstrates our never ending desire to expand our musical pallets while still delivering the brutality of heavy down tuned palm muted riffs, guttural lows, shrill highs, in your face blast beats, and relentless double bass as heard on our first album. The first weekend of December tracking will be complete. Mixing and mastering should be done by the first week of January and a few days later our C.D. will be sent out to our duplication manufacturer to press. Album art is already being drawn up by Rudi Yanto the same artist that did our artwork for Medieval Holocaust. His art has done nothing but impress us and we know he can provide you guys with a visual representation epic enough to match the music that lay beneath it. You can look forward to this release as well as new merch mid to late February of 2017. As soon as the C.D. is sent off to the press we will have a set release date. Shortly after the release date is set we will reveal a list of our first shows for 2017. See you guys in then!

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